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Redd Velvet
  1. a rich,sweet cake with a distinctive red color popular in the southern states.
2.  the multi-faceted vocalist and entertainer .


At four years old this artist put her first act together banging on an old upright piano and using a hairbrush for a microphone.   As a young teenager, she sang regularly at her grandfather’s church in rural Alabama and eventually became the featured soloist in a travelling gospel group. 

 At age 17, Redd successfully landed the role of ‘Maggie’ in the Studs Terkel musical ‘Working’.  Night after night she performed the musical’s show-stopping number “Cleaning Woman”.  ”As soon as the lights went down and the curtain came up on opening night I knew that I could not really live unless there music in my life!”

 Redd received formal training, as a young adult in the field of classical music from baritone Andrew Gainey of the New York City Opera, and internationally renowned mezzo soprano Mildred Allen of The Metropolitan Opera.  They both encouraged her to pursue a career as a classical vocalist.  Redd says “Classical music is beautiful and I’m grateful for having learned to appreciate and perform it. Yet, way down deep in me was blues and soul. And what's in you has got to come out!

 A stint with Beverly Dangerfield & the legendary Clara Ward Singers marked the beginning of Redd Velvets’ career as a professional vocalist.  Her first professional recording opportunity was as a background singer on the soundtrack of “Max and the Mountain”. 

 Redd  wrote 9 of the 10 songs on her debut CD Womanhood 101, a study in life, love, soul, and blues.  The lone cover song is her remarkable interpretation of the OV Wright classic ‘Searching’. 

 Lured by her power and passion, audiences testify to being taken on a journey that goes from the church to the jukejoint.  Her presence is declared to be electrifying, intoxicating and even spiritual.  With her backing band "Big Daddy's Badass Band’  Redd Velvet is sure leave you with a testimony of your own!